What You Need to Know About Fire Doors

George P. Coyle and Sons installs a wide variety of industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL – from overhead garage doors to rolling steel doors, we have something that will work for you. Because safety is a number one priority in industrial and commercial spaces, our commercial contractor also specializes in the installation of fire-rated doors. Fire doors are an important aspect any commercial or industrial building, designed to be a passive form of fire protection.


Fire doors can be designed one of two ways – They can either remain closed at all time, or be programmed to close automatically in the case of a fire. You should never use a doorstop or any other type of object that impedes the movement of the door.

When a fire starts in one section of a building, fire doors are designed to keep the fire contained to that one location. They have special, fire-rated seals that can help keep fire from spreading to other parts of the building.


As with all industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL, fire doors must be built and installed to comply with specific regulations. George P. Coyle & Sons contractors are knowledgeable of these regulations, and can install fire doors at your industrial or commercial location. We guarantee that the job will be done right the first time, ensuring the safety of everyone in your building.


Fire doors need to be inspected annually, as required by the NFPA (Nation Fire Protection Association).


When you need fire doors installed at your commercial or industrial location, you can trust the team at George P. Coyle & Sons. We install all of our industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL in compliance with all local building codes and government regulations. Our experienced team will get the job done correctly, so that you can rest easy knowing that your location is safe and secure.

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