George P. Coyle and Sons, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with top quality service in the Jacksonville area. Our commercial contractor focuses on the latest methods to complete everything from industrial and commercial fencing to overhead door installation in Jacksonville, FL.

Our Commitment to you

Since 1927, our goal has been to perform the best work that can be achieved with current technology. We serve at or above the level expected while maintaining an ongoing program to continuously improve. The company philosophy is that working towards these objectives will be met by:

  • Making a total commitment to quality at all levels, particularly upper management.
  • Sharing our company’s ideals with all of our employees and ensuring that they uphold those ideals for every project.
  • Maintaining ongoing programs of continuous improvement of our industrial services and products like garage doors in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Addressing problem areas and progressing through a measurement and reporting system.
  • Sharing our successes and improvements with all of our employees.

The Coyle Philosophy

George P. Coyle and Sons, Inc. was established to serve customers and, as an organization, we are dedicated to this service. Our goal, at all times, is to the best job possible by having trained and skilled employees, an efficient staff, and a forward looking management team. We want to project this goal to our present customers and our future customers to establish a lasting business relationship. Our business success and the well-being of our employees depend upon the satisfaction of our customers. We have to strive to make our industrial construction and fencing company in Jacksonville, FL the best service at the best price while maintaining satisfactory earnings.

At our company, we understand the need to be able to innovate with the changing market conditions. To accomplish this end we must continue to search for more efficient and better ways to do our job. By more efficient use of personnel and time we can, by working together, help this company grow and prosper for the well-being of all to a degree never thought possible.

How do you get started?

Coyle & Sons has always been proactive to improve communication between our staff and our clients. We are always available and willing to discuss any project you may have. Having a friendly, professional demeanor has been a priority to us from our inception, over 80 years ago. Talk to us about your needs.

Contact our commercial contractor in Jacksonville, Florida to request our services at your location. We offer specialty options for businesses throughout the city.