Increased Safety and Security with Industrial Gate Controls

Does having complete control over who has access to your commercial property, so that only the people you grant permission are allowed access sound ideal? Industrial automatic gate controls allow you to do just that. And, with features like an intercom and security camera, you are able to see who is at the gate from inside of your business.

Operating your automatic gate remotely means never having to trek to the gate from your business in order to see who has arrived. Remain safely inside your facility and view who is outside from a video monitor. Grant access to delivery vehicles and employees and keep out unwanted solicitors or intruders.

Because more than just the convenience of controlled access to your property during business hours, automatic gate controls keep thieves and vandals away. Protect your valuable inventory and keep your staff safe, without the added expense of 24/7 security staff.

Additionally, one of the most important features of an automatic security gate is its ability to be linked to keycard readers and touchpad systems. This way you can leave the gate unmanned and still only allow entry to people with the right clearance. A side benefit of using these systems is the entry and exit logs that can be computerized so there is a record of everyone that comes and goes.

An automatic security gate adds a higher level of security, possibly an increase in property value, and will protect your investment. For secure gate openers in Jacksonville FL call on George P. Coyle & Sons for installation done right.

Advantages of Choosing Steel for Your Industrial Security Fencing

Keeping trespassers out and your property safe is of the highest priority for every business owner. And while a monitored security alarm system is an important part of ensuring the interior of your facility is safe and sound, that still leaves the exterior compromised. In order to protect the perimeter and keep unwelcome individuals away requires security fencing, which can add a significant boost to your properties protection.

While there are a number of materials to choose between for industrial fencing, we recommend steel as the material of choice. There are a number of advantages to choosing steel over other materials, such as aluminum and timber. Steel fence panels are strong and durable and can survive for many years without damage. It is also quit hard to cut through a steel fence, which is an important security measure.

When privacy is of importance, steel panels are the best security measure. Fence panels with upgrades, such as sharp ends at the top, make it hard for anyone to attempt jumping, which is a great deterrence for areas where theft and vandalism are common.

Whatever your choice of security fencing, enlisting the help of our professionals will ensure the best possible fencing solution for your property. Fences are designed around your specific needs and installed efficiently to a high standard by our experienced team of installers.

If you’re looking for effective security fencing for your business but aren’t sure which style is best, rely on our expertise in industrial fencing Jacksonville FL to sort out the facts; because choosing the right material for your fence is critical!

What to Consider For the Safe Operation of an Industrial Overhead Door

grey garage doors, one openThere are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing the right industrial overhead door for your business. Specific quality and safety concerns should be addressed before a warehouse’s overhead door installation in Jacksonville, FL.

The majority of industrial applications have no tolerance for unsafe conditions. To maintain these goals, companies need to plan for safety and security in a step-by-step process.

Overhead Doors Should Only Be Operated by Authorized Individuals

A central group of authorized employees should be the only individuals who operate an overhead industrial door. A specialized communications network is necessary in order for the door operation to be observed and controlled at all times. Great care should be taken in an effort to control the entry and exit of vehicles that requires the identification of all requests to open and close garage doors.


The garage doors and surrounding areas should be well lit and feature video cameras. Motion detectors may also need to be considered to trigger any lighting or alarms if unauthorized persons enter the vicinity. A written record of all movements around the door should be kept at all times. If the garage doors can be controlled with remote controls, the overhead garage doors should come with some form of technology to prevent the theft of codes needed to open and close doors.


Overhead garage doors should come with the highest standards in the commercial and industrial industries in terms of quality and value. Trying to save money by purchasing a low quality garage door is a mistake. Not only will the garage door have a shortened lifetime, it will need more maintenance and repairs to keep it operating adequately. Heavy gauge aluminum and steel are ideal materials for industrial garage doors that experience plenty of wear and tear. These types of materials hold up for the long haul.

Contact us today when choosing an overhead industrial garage door for your industrial facility!

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Fencing for Your Business

commercial fencing at an airportBusinesses of all sizes utilize commercial fencing. In some cases, fencing provides protection from vandals, thieves, and other disreputable characters. Other times, it primarily functions as an aesthetic flourish. As such, commercial fencing is far from a monolith. There are many different types of fencing, and the type your business needs depends on a variety of factors. When shopping around for suitable commercial fencing, take the following factors into account.

  1. Purpose

If security is your primary goal in installing commercial fencing, it’s in your best interest to go with a strong, resilient material, like PVC, aluminum, or steel. Alternatively, if you’re only interested in enhancing your business’s outdoor aesthetics, cypress, pine or another variety of wood-based fencing may better suit your needs. Regardless of its purpose, make sure to have your fencing installed by a celebrated company like George P. Coyle & Sons, the foremost name in commercial fencing installation in Jacksonville, FL.

  1. Resilience

Commercial fencing is best viewed as an investment. As such, it’s only natural that you’d want to get the most for your money. You can do this by limiting your choices to fencing types that are synonymous with resilience and long life. If you’re based in an area that’s prone to extreme weather, pay special attention to options that are heat and moisture resistant.

  1. Cost

Wanting to get the best possible deal on commercial fencing is perfectly understandable. In addition to exploring options that fall into your respective price range, you can help your financial bottom line by looking for installation companies that are known for fair pricing.

If your business has recently found itself in need of commercial fencing, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options at your disposal. Taking the previously discussed factors into consideration while perusing your options will help make the selection process simple and stress-free.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Installer for Industrial Fencing

industrial fencing Jacksonville fl – gpcas.comWhen it comes to running a profitable business, it’s important that all steps are taken to save money, and that includes maintaining and protecting the physical premises in order to prevent theft, vandalism, and breaches in security.

The security of your warehouse, building, storage facility, or any other type of structure needs to be upheld at all times, and while there are many ways in which to implement such security measures, fencing is likely your first effective line of defense. Installing industrial fencing in Jacksonville, FL around the perimeter of the building can help you manage the security of your establishment.

Once you’ve decided to have a fence placed around your business, your next step is to hire the professionals to do the job for you. This is a job that requires expert service, and should not be skimped on by allowing those with little to no experience tackle this potentially complex project. What you need to do is hire a professional installer for your industrial fence to ensure that the safety and security of the fence is upheld.

Choosing the Right Industrial Fencing Professional

The installation of an industrial fence is not a temporary job. Ideally, it’s something that should last a lifetime. As such, you need to select a fencing professional that will guarantee their work. You should be offered peace of mind knowing that the newly installed commercial fence will serve its purpose for the long haul.

Always make sure that the fencing company you hire to do the job has liability insurance coverage. Seeing a copy of their certificate when you obtain a quote is an important step before the work actually starts. Talk about the specific design, any planning regulations or permits, and any specific materials to be used with your contractor, and make sure the company you choose to hire provides a dedicated project manager to oversee the project.

Your fence is an important component to your business, so make sure it’s installed right with the assistance of a reputable fencing installer like George P. Coyle & Sons.

Guide to Commercial Door Services and Repairs

garage doors Jacksonville fl – gpcas.comGarage entryways are critical components of warehouses and other commercial units. They provide a convenient means to allow large inventory and machinery in and out of the facilities.

Along with these openings are the garage doors that seal them up when these entrances are no longer required for use. The durability and functionality of these garage doors in Jacksonville, FL are important. Not only should they be strong enough to keep trespassers out, they should also operate efficiently to allow easy and convenient opening and closing mechanisms.

Your business needs garage doors that work optimally at all times. If there are issues with this functionality, it can halt business, and can even put you and your employees in danger. Ensuring that these doors are operating properly by making them a top priority with ongoing preventative maintenance services is important.

Keep an Eye out for Possible Problems

There are various components to commercial grade garage doors that could require some extra attention. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge problem only because you neglected to identify and rectify an issue when it was smaller in scale and easier to deal with. Keep tabs on the following:

  • Warped Tracks
  • Broken Springs
  • Burned Out Motor

Avoiding Costly Repairs Before They Become Major Issues

If your business’s garage doors are at least a couple of years old, take a few minutes a week to keep tabs of any potential issues. Pay attention to any strange grinding noises that you’ve never noticed before, as it can lead to bigger problems in time. Look at the tracks to make sure there isn’t anything blocking the door. In addition, be sure that the automatic motor isn’t causing the door to open and close too quickly or slowly. These are easy things you can deal with now before they become major problems later.

How Properly Insulated Doors Provide Safety and Energy Efficiency

garage doors Jacksonville flEnsuring that all doorway entries — including garage doors — are well-insulated is important. This will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out, which will also keep utility bills as low as they can and help the environment at the same time.

Reducing Energy Costs with Well-Insulated Garage Doors

Among the more important reasons for having an insulated a garage door is that it effectively reduces energy costs. Whether or not your garage or warehouse is heated, a well-insulated garage door helps to decrease airflow, keeping the entire building more contained.

Increased Security

Insulated industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL can also add more security to your garage or warehouse. The benefits of an insulated garage door include the following:

  • Polyurethane foam makes garage doors more resistant to dents, which is ideal with heavy machinery moving about in the vicinity.
  • Insulation keeps a warehouse warmer, which is important for those who are working inside.

Decreased Noise

Insulated garage doors help to cut down on noise penetration through the walls. The insulation absorbs any noise, allowing for a more comfortable interior space. Not only that, any loud noises coming from inside the warehouse won’t disturb anyone on the outside of the building.

Don’t Over-Insulate

Insulating your garage door comes with many advantages, but it’s important to understand certain safety concerns of over-insulating. For instance, over-insulating can trap everything inside the garage or warehouse, which can be dangerous if there are any substances such as gas cans or other chemicals that give off heavy fumes. All items that are within the warehouse should be noted to help better determine how heavy the insulation should be.

Contact us today to learn more about your industrial door options.

The Best Bathroom Partitions for High-Traffic Restrooms

bathroom partitions jacksonville flBusy commercial bathrooms require materials that will stand the test of time. All that wear and tear that public restrooms endure from all the traffic can certainly wreak havoc on these spaces, but only if the right materials are not used.

The Best Bathroom Partitions in Jacksonville, FL

One component of commercial bathrooms that is of particular importance is bathroom partitions in Jacksonville, FL. These are not only necessary to provide privacy for patrons; they also help to maintain the overall integrity of the bathroom. Heavy-duty material that keeps commercial restroom spaces looking good for many years without any premature breakdowns or corrosion is important.

If you are constructing or revamping your commercial bathrooms, commercial bathroom partitions are necessary. For starters, they provide an exact fit for the space. Regardless of whether you require ceiling or floor mount configuration, or corner or between-wall partition configuration, there are various commercial bathroom partition options that will fit your specific project.

Materials that Fit Your Needs

Fully customizable stainless steel bathroom partitions offer everything needed in high-traffic restrooms. These surfaces are highly durable and resistant to stains, graffiti, and corrosion, and all seams and corners are welded smoothly for a seamless finish. All associated fasteners and anchors are just as durable as the partitions themselves, and the hinges and locks work smoothly even after repeated use over time.

What Layout Do You Require for Your Commercial Bathroom Stalls?

One important consideration to make when it comes to your commercial bathrooms is the specific layout you require and that your bathroom space can accommodate. The height and material of the ceiling, as well as the thickness and constitution of the floor all come into play when it comes to determining the optimal mounting options and layout design for your bathrooms.

Our team can help you consider all your options with partitions in order to come up with the ideal design. Contact us today!

3 Ways to Personalize Your Business’ Chain Link Fence

chainlink fence – fencing company Jacksonville flThere are many different types of fencing available that allow you to provide both security and an appealing aesthetic to your commercial location. The most popular fencing type for most businesses, however, is the classic chain link fence. Simple and easy to install, chain link is arguably the most popular fence for commercial and industrial locations alike.

A chain link fence is a cost-effective option for businesses: They are durable, easy to install, and are long-lasting. They are also one of the easiest fencing types to maintain in almost any climate. Chain link fences installed by a reputable fencing company in Jacksonville, FL like George P. Coyle and sons are perfect for protecting your commercial or industrial location from theft and vandalism.

Make Your Chain Link Fence Stand Out From the Crowd

As useful as chain link fences are, they lack aesthetic value – something that commercial businesses rely on to bring customers into their stores. Businesses can easily customize their chain link fences in these ways:

  • Introduce flowering vines or other climbing foliage to cover the fence.
  • Use cedar lath as a way to add privacy and bring added aesthetic value to the fence. You can also use vinyl as a more durable and customizable option.
  • Use a unique color that fits the aesthetic of your building to paint the fence.

When you Need a Fence. . .

Chain link fences are a great way to add security and privacy to your commercial or industrial location. If chain link isn’t your thing, or would not provide the optimum level of security for your needs, George P. Coyle and sons offers a wide variety of other fencing options. Contact us today for more information about our commercial and industrial fencing services.

Why a Security Fence is Important for Your Business

commercial fencing Jacksonville flJust like homeowners have an interest in protecting their homes, business owners and managers should take measures to protect their establishments. While there are plenty of ways to do that, one effective way to keep your location secure is to install a commercial-grade fence around your premises.

Is Your Business at Risk for Vandalism or Theft?

Most business owners will answer yes to this question, because vandals and thieves will do their best to target any business. A durable security fence should be installed that can protect your business from anyone with bad intentions. High-quality, durable commercial fencing in Jacksonville, FL is something you absolutely need to protect your business while maintaining the aesthetic of your facility.

Locations that Should Consider Installing a Security Fence

Any commercial building will find great use for security fencing, including:

  • Hospitals – Any areas near storage units, dumpsters, HVAC units, and parking are especially at risk of attack.
  • Warehouses – Security fences help to protect the inventory and expensive machinery.
  • Factories – These can be dangerous places, which is why it’s important to make sure that trespassers are kept out during and after operational hours.
  • Department Stores – Security fences can protect against theft around entrances and near dumpsters.
  • Hospitality Establishments – Hotels, motels, and condominiums have plenty of areas that require fencing in, including the pool area.
  • Office Buildings – These areas have parking lots and HVAC units that need protecting.
  • Athletic Fields – Fences prevent overcrowding and trespassing.

Your business needs the assistance of a professional fencing company to install a high-quality security fence that will keep your establishment — and the people inside it — protected at all times.

Be sure to have your security fence installed by a dependable fencing company like George P. Coyle & Sons. A durable, high-quality security fence is an important visual and psychological deterrent for anyone who may have intentions of preying on your business.