Gate Openers for a Safe & Secure Space

Control who has access to your commercial or industrial space with the services from George P. Coyle & Sons, Inc. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, our company proudly provides a range of options for gate openers to businesses throughout the area. With our selection of gates and gate openers in Jacksonville, FL, you are sure to find the best choice to keep your location safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choosing Your Gates

As a business owner, you deserve the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that your location is secure at all times. Our security gates in Jacksonville, FL offer a combination of aesthetic and practical benefits for properties of all sizes. Whether you operate a school or industrial facility, security gates deliver the safety you need around the clock.

With all of the options on the market, it is important to make the right choice for your gate and fencing styles. At George P. Coyle & Sons, we work with the following gate varieties:

  • Slide
  • Roll
  • Cantilever (Steel & Aluminum)
  • Swing

Automatic Gate Openers

Gate openers have become as much of a standard and necessity as a garage opener. The biggest difference with gate openers, however, is that gates come in a much larger variety than garage doors. There are a number of conditions that influence your opener choice, including materials, hanging options, and the weather conditions in the area.

With all of the options on the market, it is important to remember that no one manufacturer covers all possible scenarios. Our experts are proud to serve as your trusted source for advice and recommendations. We bring our knowledge of each gate opener option to ensure you make the right choice. Our automatic gate opener options include:

  • Slide
  • Hydraulic
  • Chain
  • Swing
  • Screw
  • Piston
  • Barrier

Installing Gate Controls

Enjoy the quality and convenience associated with installing an automatic gate control at your location. Our team works with you to provide only the top options for any commercial or industrial site. When you work with our staff, you will have access to a complete selection of controls for your system. We work with the following automatic gate control varieties:

  • Push Button
  • Key Switch
  • Key Pad
  • Common Code
  • Programmable
  • Card Reader
  • Common Code
  • Programmable
  • Radio
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Loop Detector
  • Free Exit
  • Safety
  • Safety Edge
  • Photo Beam
  • Send/Receive
  • Reflector
  • Timers
  • >5 Min. Closing
  • 7 Day Programmable
  • 365 Day Programmable
  • Emergency
  • Strobe
  • Siren/Yelp

Contact our supply company in Jacksonville, Florida to discover more about your options. We install gate openers in Jacksonville, FL and gates in commercial and industrial locations throughout the area.