Invest in a Quality Security Fence for Your Commercial Business

Installing a security fence is an essential step for commercial businesses who want to ensure that their facility is safe, and that business runs smoothly. When it comes to commercial fencing in Jacksonville, FL, you have many options depending on your needs, but the benefits are unmistakable.

Prevent Vandalism and Theft

In any commercial industry, vandalism and theft are something you need to be watchful for. An array of exterior security cameras is always a great idea, but those safety measures are for finding the culprit after they have already broken in and done damage. Installing commercial fencing in Jacksonville, FL will prevent the vandals and thieves from entering your facility in the first place. Preventative security measures like security fences will always be better than cleaning up your damaged property after a break-in.

Control Who Enters and Exits with Gate Controls

Security fences will also help you restrict access to your facility, or to specific areas of your facility. With gate controls installed by George P. Coyle & Sons, you can restrict access to only those that have been given badges or the pin code needed to access a specific area. This is especially handy if the fenced in area separates employee activity from customer activity, like a loading area behind a retail store.

Who Should Consider Installing a Security Fence

A security fence can be used by a wide variety of business, including:

  • Hospitals: Storage units, dumpsters, parking areas, and HVAC units should be protected by fencing to prevent vandalism and to protect people from hazardous materials that may be contained in storage units.
  • Warehouses: Warehouses often contain expensive machinery, and large quantities of inventory. Security fences help protect these expensive items from damage and theft.
  • Hospitality: Places like hotels, rental condos, and motels require commercial fencing in Jacksonville, FL for the pool and other areas in order to keep guests safe.
  • Factories: Factories are dangerous places for anyone, even employees. Security fences are needed to keep trespassers out.
  • Department Stores: Department stores are often targets for theft, so security fences are needed to keep burglars out.
  • Athletic Fields: Fences around athletic fields prevent trespassers and also prevent non-ticketholders from accessing the field.
  • Office Buildings: Security fences are needed in office buildings to protect parking lots and HVAC units.


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