How to Build an ADA Compliant Public Restroom

When you are building public restrooms in a business, there are many different things to take into consideration. The main objective is to build a bathroom that falls within ADA regulations. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has put certain regulations in place for public restrooms that enables them to be used by everyone. From the layout to the style of the bathroom partitions in Jacksonville, FL, everything has to be designed a certain way to allow handicap access and ease of use. Follow these three simple guidelines to ensure that the restroom you are building is completely accessible and follows guidelines.

Read Up

The simplest and most important thing you can do is read the ADA guidelines and become knowledgeable about them. Absorb all the information before drafting your plans to save you the extra expense and wasted time of having to redo something at a later date because it is not compliant. As you build, consult your knowledge of ADA regulations regularly to make sure your plans, and parts, like bathroom partitions in Jacksonville, FL, will be up to code.

Consider Your Customers

Approximately how many customers do you see in a day? How many of those customers are likely to use the bathroom? This is important when determining the size of what you need to build. Make sure you have enough stalls to comfortably accommodate the volume of customers who will be going in and out of there all day. This also applies to handicap accommodations. If you get an extremely large volume of customers, you may need to build multiple handicap stalls and sinks.

Choose an ADA-Approved Contractor

When purchasing materials or hiring builders, make sure you are hiring a company whose crew is knowledgeable about ADA regulations. The team at George P. Coyle & Sons can assist you in building accessible restrooms, and can provide ADA-compliant materials like bathroom partitions in Jacksonville, FL. We can assist you with design, layout, construction services, and provide restroom repair parts.

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