Convenient Control Systems for Your Industrial Doors in Jacksonville, FL

George P. Coyle & Sons want to ensure that our industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL meet all of your needs – making it easier and safer to perform your everyday tasks. When you have us install overhead doors at your facility, you can also choose from several convenient control systems that provide you with precise control of your overhead door system.

Radio Controls

A radio receiver kit makes it easy to open and close your overhead doors remotely. This is much more convenient when moving vehicles and items in and out of your facility because you don’t need anyone to man the door controls.

Pull Switches

If you prefer more manual controls, we can install pull switches so you can operate your industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL with a simple switch system. This system is convenient and easy to operate, so your employees have precise control over the overhead door system.

Safety Reversing Mechanisms

Safety reversing mechanisms are an absolute must for safety purposes. When your overhead door encounters resistance it will reverse. This prevents your doors from injuring employees or damaging items.

Loop Detectors

Loop detectors make it easy to drive vehicles in and out of your facility by transforming your industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL into an automated gate system. When your fleet needs to load or unload items, they can drive towards the overhead doors and they will open automatically.

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes ensure that nothing is blocking the door from closing – which is extremely important for safety. One photo eye is placed on the ground on either side of the opening. If the eyes can’t “see” each other, the door will not close. It is incredible important that these are installed to ensure the safety of your employees.

When you are looking to install overhead doors at your industrial facility, trust George P. Coyle & Sons. Our experienced team has been serving the Jacksonville area for almost 100 years, and has worked hard to obtain our reputation as Jacksonville’s leading commercial contractor. Contact us today to discuss your options for industrial doors and other building specialties you may need at your facility.