What to Consider For the Safe Operation of an Industrial Overhead Door

grey garage doors, one openThere are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing the right industrial overhead door for your business. Specific quality and safety concerns should be addressed before a warehouse’s overhead door installation in Jacksonville, FL.

The majority of industrial applications have no tolerance for unsafe conditions. To maintain these goals, companies need to plan for safety and security in a step-by-step process.

Overhead Doors Should Only Be Operated by Authorized Individuals

A central group of authorized employees should be the only individuals who operate an overhead industrial door. A specialized communications network is necessary in order for the door operation to be observed and controlled at all times. Great care should be taken in an effort to control the entry and exit of vehicles that requires the identification of all requests to open and close garage doors.


The garage doors and surrounding areas should be well lit and feature video cameras. Motion detectors may also need to be considered to trigger any lighting or alarms if unauthorized persons enter the vicinity. A written record of all movements around the door should be kept at all times. If the garage doors can be controlled with remote controls, the overhead garage doors should come with some form of technology to prevent the theft of codes needed to open and close doors.


Overhead garage doors should come with the highest standards in the commercial and industrial industries in terms of quality and value. Trying to save money by purchasing a low quality garage door is a mistake. Not only will the garage door have a shortened lifetime, it will need more maintenance and repairs to keep it operating adequately. Heavy gauge aluminum and steel are ideal materials for industrial garage doors that experience plenty of wear and tear. These types of materials hold up for the long haul.

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