Increased Safety and Security with Industrial Gate Controls

Does having complete control over who has access to your commercial property, so that only the people you grant permission are allowed access sound ideal? Industrial automatic gate controls allow you to do just that. And, with features like an intercom and security camera, you are able to see who is at the gate from inside of your business.

Operating your automatic gate remotely means never having to trek to the gate from your business in order to see who has arrived. Remain safely inside your facility and view who is outside from a video monitor. Grant access to delivery vehicles and employees and keep out unwanted solicitors or intruders.

Because more than just the convenience of controlled access to your property during business hours, automatic gate controls keep thieves and vandals away. Protect your valuable inventory and keep your staff safe, without the added expense of 24/7 security staff.

Additionally, one of the most important features of an automatic security gate is its ability to be linked to keycard readers and touchpad systems. This way you can leave the gate unmanned and still only allow entry to people with the right clearance. A side benefit of using these systems is the entry and exit logs that can be computerized so there is a record of everyone that comes and goes.

An automatic security gate adds a higher level of security, possibly an increase in property value, and will protect your investment. For secure gate openers in Jacksonville FL call on George P. Coyle & Sons for installation done right.