How Properly Insulated Doors Provide Safety and Energy Efficiency

garage doors Jacksonville flEnsuring that all doorway entries — including garage doors — are well-insulated is important. This will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out, which will also keep utility bills as low as they can and help the environment at the same time.

Reducing Energy Costs with Well-Insulated Garage Doors

Among the more important reasons for having an insulated a garage door is that it effectively reduces energy costs. Whether or not your garage or warehouse is heated, a well-insulated garage door helps to decrease airflow, keeping the entire building more contained.

Increased Security

Insulated industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL can also add more security to your garage or warehouse. The benefits of an insulated garage door include the following:

  • Polyurethane foam makes garage doors more resistant to dents, which is ideal with heavy machinery moving about in the vicinity.
  • Insulation keeps a warehouse warmer, which is important for those who are working inside.

Decreased Noise

Insulated garage doors help to cut down on noise penetration through the walls. The insulation absorbs any noise, allowing for a more comfortable interior space. Not only that, any loud noises coming from inside the warehouse won’t disturb anyone on the outside of the building.

Don’t Over-Insulate

Insulating your garage door comes with many advantages, but it’s important to understand certain safety concerns of over-insulating. For instance, over-insulating can trap everything inside the garage or warehouse, which can be dangerous if there are any substances such as gas cans or other chemicals that give off heavy fumes. All items that are within the warehouse should be noted to help better determine how heavy the insulation should be.

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